A Look At How The Satta Matka Game Evolved In India

Betting entertains and also offers some easy cash prices. These are two reasons why the concept is popular all over the world and the scenario is no different here in India. The only difference is that the concept is referred to by various names all over the world. In the Western world, the term casino is the popular name but here in India, they refer to it, as the Matka board. The use of the term casino is restricted to places such as Goa, which receives a significant amount of foreign tourists. However, in most other parts of the country, the term Satta Matka is a more renowned term among the gambling community. There is not much difference because you will still have to make guesses.

When did it all start?

As you speak to industry veterans they will all say betting evolved in India just after the independence of the country from British rule. In those days the concept was a bit different and it had a different name altogether. The game was referred to as Ankur Jugar and the medium of guessing was completely different. In this game, a gambler had to guess the opening prices of cotton, the next day on the stock exchanges. It was a popular game but did not last long because the global stock exchanges halted cotton trades. The sudden halt of the cotton trades threw the Indian gambling industry into disruption and that was the end of Ankur Jugar. It is as a replacement the Satta Matka game came into force. The first such game referred to as the Kalyan Matka was played in the year 1961. The concept replaced cotton prices with a number guessing game.

Who is the Matka boss?

It is today easier to participate in the Satta Matka because there has been an online version and it is legal. There were some legal problems with the physical Matka and it was not legal in every state of India. However, with the online Matka introduced and more importantly getting legal status, there will be a temptation to dabble a bit. As you know more about the game, the term Matka King will come to the forefront. You will want to know more and we would like to say that the term was reserved for Ratan Khatri, who was a renowned operator in these markets from 1990 to his death three years ago. Since then the most successful participant has been wearing this crown and it could be you also.

Where can I check the results?

You can register with a reputed online Matka guessing website and participate in the games. Our suggestion will be to not make random guesses because this way you will lose money. You can search for tips from reliable online websites and then place a bet.  There is every scope that you could be lucky on some instances and pick up prize money. You could be a tag concerned about the results and one will find them published right on the same website daily.

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