Easy Tricks For Decorative Wall Painting


You can try a few easy tricks if you’ve been thinking about decorative wall painting designs. Some of these methods include wet edging, color wash, and checkerboard. Read on to learn how to use these tips to transform your space into a beautiful room. There are several ways to achieve the marbleized look you want.

Wet edging:

Wet edging is a painting technique that overlaps successive rolls of paint. The technique prevents dry edges from showing up on the finished painting. It is an essential painting technique if you want your finished work to look professional. Wet edging should be done promptly to minimize lap marks.

Color wash:

Color washing for decorative wall painting involves using a wet-on-wet method to apply color. Typically, two main colors will be used, with the third color applied in between. Measure the wall before applying the color. Use a sponge roller if the area is large. This method is also good for covering flaws in the wall surface.

A good color wash balances the two top brushed layers. Most people need a better balance of coverage and end up with an over-blended surface. A professional painter starts as rough as possible and then feathers the top layer with a special dry brush. Once the top layer is dry, they go back over discreet spots with additional glaze to ensure even coverage.


If you are tired of bare walls and are tired of trying to find the perfect wall décor, consider using checkerboard painting. This decorative painting is a unique and interesting way to add personality to your room without spending a fortune on décor. You can choose neutral colors or bold contrasts, depending on your preference.


Another easy way to add decorative wall painting is by using stencils. Embossed walls look stunning and are very popular in monuments and hotels. You can create stencils with any pattern or design, stick them to the wall, and paint on them.


If you want to make your interiors look more enticing, adding polka dots is one of the easiest decorative wall painting tricks. These small polka dots can instantly bring your room to life. They’re especially great for children’s rooms. Another decorative painting technique is strie, a French word meaning “streaky.” It uses stripes of paint to make horizontal or vertical lines that mimic the texture of the fabric.