Questions You Should Ask Before Getting A Massage 

Questions You Should Ask Before Getting A Massage 


Massage is effective for treating many physical and mental conditions. It promotes circulation, which increases the number of nutrients and oxygen in the body. It also stimulates the nervous system, boosting the immune system. In addition, it helps prevent further injury to muscles and joints and improves the range of motion. However, before you get a massage, there are several questions that you should ask to massage therapist.

Ask about the general practices of the therapist:

If you’re getting a massage in palm Jumeirah for the first time, you should ask about the general practices of the therapist. It’s crucial to establish trust and respect with your massage therapist. You must be confident that they will relieve you of your pain and make you feel relaxed. To establish trust, you should ask them about their experiences with massage therapy and the client’s expectations.

Intake forms:

Before getting a massage, fill out the necessary medical information on the intake form. The massage therapist must know about recent injuries or surgeries and any health issues or allergies the client might have. The form will also need to note whether the client is taking any medications or has any blood-clotting issues.

General questions:

Before getting a massage, you should ask the therapist a few general questions. You can determine whether they’re flexible enough to adapt to your needs. For example, do you like to have certain parts of your body massaged? If not, it’s important to know what you’d like to focus on during your massage.

The therapist should also be licensed in your state. This means they’ve undergone training and are certified in massage therapy. It’s also important to note that each therapist has their approach to massage therapy. For instance, one massage therapist might focus on deep tissue work, while another might focus on the softer body parts.


Contraindications to getting a massage include physical or medical conditions that make massage an unwise choice. Some health conditions, such as pregnancy, are total contraindications. For example, massage is not recommended for a client during the first trimester, which is the time when miscarriages are most common. Certain types of massage can cause a miscarriage, and special precautions must be taken to protect the mother and the fetus. Contraindications are not absolute, though.