Transmission Maintenance – The 3 Most Common Questions

Transmission Maintenance - The 3 Most Common Questions


You may have heard that the fluid in your transmission is a translucent red color. What does this mean? And how much does it cost to change your transmission fluid? Read on to learn more about transmission maintenance and what to look for. Also, learn the warning signs that your transmission fluid level is low. Try these numbers for regular BMW service.

The translucent red color of transmission fluid:

Transmission fluid is usually clear, but it is dyed red to make it easily identifiable. When it is new, it is translucent red, but it will gradually darken as it ages. This is normal, but if you notice a different color, you should schedule a service appointment as soon as possible.

Transmission fluid is a hydraulic fluid that facilitates clutch pack and torque converter engagement. Because it must resist compression, it needs to be sheer-resistant. Transmission fluid varies in composition and color depending on the type of transmission and anti-wear additive package used. Translucent red transmission fluids are usually transparent, but transmission fluid that is dyed red will be more likely to have impurities that can cause the transmission to fail prematurely.

Warning signs of low transmission fluid:

The transmission fluid is a vital part of your vehicle. It provides lubrication and hydraulic pressure and keeps your transmission from running too hot. If you’re experiencing one of the warning signs of low transmission fluid, you should head to a local mechanic shop to have it checked out. By addressing the problem early, you can avoid costly repairs later.

Cost to change transmission fluid:

If you have ever owned a car that needed a new transmission fluid, you’ve probably heard about the costs associated with replacing or repairing a transmission system. While transmission replacement and repairs can be expensive, you can prevent expensive problems by keeping your transmission fluid in good condition. The first step is to check the fluid level every month. A red dipstick indicates that there is plenty of fluid. If the color turns dark or smells burnt, the fluid needs to be changed.

While changing the fluid can be done at home, it is not easy and requires lifting a car and using special tools. Additionally, you’ll need a lot of transmission fluid, which can be very expensive. It can cost up to DH 85 for an average car and DH 200 for a large truck.