4 Digital Marketing Pain Points Companies Face Today

4 Digital Marketing Pain Points Companies Face Today


In today’s digital world, companies face four common pain points. These include time constraints, poor customer experience, and customer complaints. Identifying and solving these problems with the help of a digital marketing company will help you focus your marketing efforts. In addition, you’ll be able to target your customers better and increase your ROI.

Customer complaints are the bane of every business:

A poor customer service experience is the bane of any digital marketing business. The average response time for a business is five hours. Moreover, unhappy customers are likely to complain about brands on social media. Nearly half of all 18-34 year-olds have posted details of their bad experiences online. Additionally, women are more likely to post about their bad experiences than men. On average, 80% of purchasing adults are on Facebook and Twitter. This means that your business should be there where your customers are.

Lack of integration between website and CRM:

One of the most common digital marketing pain point’s company’s face today is a lack of CRM integration. When a CRM is implemented poorly, it will not be able to keep up with a company’s growth, resulting in slower performance and the need to replace the system. As a result, businesses must choose CRMs that are scalable.

Time-constrained teams:

Time-constrained teams are a major problem for many companies. While this is not an entirely new problem, the time pressures and pressure to meet a deadline are becoming more common as the demand for digital marketing services grows. Managing a project that requires time-consuming and expensive resources requires a well-balanced approach to project management. Moreover, time estimation requires careful consideration of the project constraints and the expectations of various stakeholders.

Poor customer experience:

While the economic downturn likely contributed to the recent decline in customer experience, other factors, including staffing shortages and delays in the supply chain, are also to blame. The accompanying report states, “Poor customer experience is one of the most important digital marketing challenges companies face today.” Providing a positive customer experience is key to boosting your digital marketing efforts.

Providing a good customer experience is essential for a brand to stay competitive. From broken links to overpriced services, poor customer experience can majorly cause dissatisfaction. Identifying and addressing these pain points will make it easier for customers to stick with your brand.